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Westerman 'Albatross' by Emilie Norenberg

Emilie Norenberg brings us a cool indie version of A Night At The Museum for Westerman.

The video for Albatross, by the London-based artist who has just released his new EP, Ark, was shot at Margate's Powell Cotton Museum, where it finds Westerman alone among a multitude of stuffed animals. The dynamic suddenly changes when one of the animals springs into life...

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Elvis Costello 'Suspect My Tears' by Mustashrik

An original tragic-love-story for Elvis Costello's ballad Suspect My Tears – drenched in rain, ink and romance - by the animator Mustashrik.

A homage to film noir, it's a dark tale that traverses the emotions of jealousy and envy and devotion, and has the appropriate drama to match Costello's new ballad - which harks back to his early Noughties collaborations with Burt Bacharach.

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Dave ft. Fredo 'Funky Friday' by Nathan James Tettey & Dave

Nathan James Tettey's latest collab with Dave has the precocious grime sensation and his pal Fredo living it large in the Home Counties - with animals.

In an artfully constructed display of UK-centric bling, which begins with Dave in a forest of gorgeous hothouse blooms, this is a strong and classy showcase for Funky Friday, co-directed by Tettey and Dave, shot by Stefan Yap. 

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Justice 'Love S.O.S.' by Edouard Salier

Edouard Salier's extraordinary video for Justice's Love S.O.S. marks his return to music videos, and a reunion with France's top electro-dance duo. Now working entirely in live action, this is an arresting symphony of awesome power and grace - and when it comes, unflinching violence.  

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You Me At Six 'Back Again' by Daniel Broadley

Daniel Broadley's latest video for You Me At Six is a shaggy dog story wrapped in a tribute to The Big Lebowski's bowling alley scenes, with lead singer Josh Franceschi channelling Jeff Bridges' lovably hapless Dude, with the rest of the band taking the other roles.

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