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Manic Street Preachers 'International Blue' by Kieran Evans

Kieran Evans’ longstanding creative collaboration with the Manic Street Preachers continues with this promo for International Blue – the first single from the band's forthcoming album Resistance Is Futile – shot in Nice in France, birthplace of artist Yves Klein, and inspiration for a song described by MSP's Nicky Wire as the European sequel to their early 90s hit Motorcycle Emptiness

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Songhoy Blues ft. Iggy Pop 'Sahara' by Alden Volney

Timbuktu band Songhoy Blues's collaboration with Iggy Pop gets the coolest treatment by animator Alden Volney.

A series of trademark Volney-esque animated loops captures the mood and spirit of Sahara - a combination of majestic African landscapes and wildlife, banal Western consumerism, iconic guitar-playing and the unmistakeably sinuous body of The Ig.

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Insecure Men 'Teenage Toy' by Jak Payne

Jak Payne's video captures their down-at-heel lounge lizard vibe of Insecure Men for their debut video. 

The band are holed up in a seedy house, pining for a blonde Mod girl - their Teenage Toy. The lovely old school kitchen sink feel comes courtesy of DoP David Foulkes's splendid photography.

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