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Chase & Status  'Love Me More' by Oliver Jennings

Oliver Jennings’s prolific run of music videos since he joined Partizan a few months ago continues with this gritty, fast-paced portrait of a group of young Londoners as they prepare to get into Lovebox Festival in East London by unconventional means, to watch Chase & Status's headlining show. 

Mahalia 'Sober' by Chris Day

Mahalia mulls over the indiscretions of the previous night in Chris Day's charming video for Sober, shot by Matthew Emvin Taylor, with different formats and stills employed to rewind to her unwise party romance.

Mr Jukes 'Grant Green'  (Live At The Church) by Louis Bhose

Louis Bhose has captured the live version of Jack Steadman aka Mr Jukes's sample-based project God First as the ten strong band assembled to replicate the album onstage recorded a live album at the Church Studios in Crouch End, London.

The Sherlocks 'Live For The Moment' by Alex Nicholson

Alex Nicholson builds an enigmatic narrative in a single take for The Sherlocks' Live For The Moment - shot in Botany Bay in Kent.

The main character's purposeful walk down the beach is interrupted by a number of encounters, including with the band performing Live For The Moment. Then with a number of acolytes waist-deep in the sea he reveals he's no quite of this world...

Kelela 'LMK' by Andrew Thomas Huang

Andrew Thomas Huang takes a bold step into pop video territory, and presents R&B singer Kelela as a mesmerizing figure of many guises for LMK.

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