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J Hus 'Spirit' by Hugo Jenkins

J Hus, Mercury Prize-nominated for his album Common Sense, explores his time spent in prison in 2015 on the song Spirit. "I wanted a song that could really resonate with people in that situation...I made this one to try to keep everyone’s head up. It’s a purely positive message,” he has said.

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Cesqeaux & Mightyfools 'Murder' by Shady El-Hamus

In NFTS alumni Shady El-Hamus's video for Cesqeaux & Mightyfools, the chance discovery of a firearm gives two young hoodlums the opportunity to upgrade their criminal activity with immediate results - but ultimately dire consequences.

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RAY BLK ft. Stormzy 'My Hood' by Hector Dockrill

Hector Dockrill's spare treatment of South London singer RAY BLK’s autobiographical My Hood, where people and scenes loom out of the darkness, serves to focus upon RAY's performance and the reflective lyrical content - and Stormzy's contribution later in the track.

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Vato Gonzalez ft. Doctor 'Two Step' by Crooked Cynics

Crooked Cynics has delivered this wacky video for Dutch record producer Vato Gonzalez and London grime artist Doctor, which sees the two artists vibing to their catchy dance track around East Ham Market - while simultaneously overseeing a bingo game for the elderly. It's nuts. And what better way to end the day's proceedings than with a dance party? 

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Durrty Goodz & L Dot Man 'Vision' by Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher provides Durrty Goodz & L Dot Man's downtempo grime track with some heartwarming visuals that tell a story of friendship through a love of music. Nostalgic in tone, the video celebrates the humble cassette and its power to forge friendships by being a tool to document everything that seems so captivating when you're young.

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Prose 'Run With Faith' by Joao Retorta

Bullion's latest signing Joao Retorta has created this video for Manchester-based band Prose's Run With Faith, and as he says, it's "a coming-of-age piece about friendship, and what it means to belong for different individuals in the same group of friends."

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