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AKA George 'Manic Machine' by Tom Ewbank

AKA George shows he can rock with Manic Machine. And he can also do the near-impossible and rock a portable mobility scooter, with the help of his manager's 80s year old mother, in Tom Ewbank's endearing video.

It's quite a change from Ewbank's last music video outing, a gripping psycho-drama for Jordan Rakei. But as with that one, he was pretty much a one-man crew.

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Courtney Barnett 'Need A Little Time' by Danny Cohen

Courtney Barnett explores the universe with a little help from some stylish pointy-faced aliens - the sort you'd find in an episode of Star Trek directed by St. Vincent - in her latest collaboration with Danny Cohen, who directed the videos for Barnett's recent team-up project with Kurt Vile.

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Naked Lunch 'Anemonia' by George Papazov

Two men get to know each other during a night out in Moscow - one taking the other on an eventful tour of the city before he returns home the next morning – in George Papazov's noir-ish tale for Russian rock outfit Naked Lunch.

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PBR Streetgang ft Mattie Safer 'Everything Changes' by Bob Gallagher

PBR Streetgang's witty demolition of the inanity of pretty much everything, delivered by R&B singer Mattie Safer, becomes a vehicle of baby-boomer scorn in Bob Gallagher's video for Everything Changes.

Safer's voice is taken by a rascally old gent with a punk attitude (Michael O'Sullivan, excellent), mocking the trivial preoccupations of the Instagram/selfie generation.

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Wolf Alice 'Sadboy' by Hamish Stephenson

Wolf Alice frontwoman Ellie Rowsell ends up in a very dark place indeed in the very creepy video for Sadboy by Hamish Stephenson.

Ellie's reckless drinking at a party has terrible consequences when she starts coughing up a vile black liquid, passes out, and then finds herself somewhere between Stranger Things' Underneath and the black void of Under The Skin.  

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Parquet Courts 'Wide Awake' by Brother Willis

Parquet Courts enjoy a high old time in old New Orleans in Brother Willis's highly enjoyable, super-caffeinated video for Wide Awake.

Sticking the band in matching purple suits in a coffee dive in the French Quarter never fails....


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