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KDA ft Tinashe 'Just Say' by Sarah McColgan

Sarah McColgan directs KDA ft Tinashe in a slick and atmospheric clip.

A moody motel room surrounded by sparse exteriors lit with every conceivable colour – including a diner, a phone box, and a convertible - McColgan's video is a dark and dreamlike performance piece weaved into stylised slices of Americana.

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Bruno Mars '24k Magic' by Cameron Duddy

After the runaway success of Uptown Funk, Cameron Duddy and Bruno Mars team up once again for 24k Magic - and where better to than in America's playground? 

Going to Vegas, together with an excitable entourage and crashing as many parties as possible, Duddy and Mars here make a cool, slick boast video where they can seemingly get away with anything they like. 

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Usher ft. Young Thug 'No Limit' by Joseph Toman

Joseph Toman directs Usher in this stripped-down studio performance of No Limit, together with a bunch of dancing buddies and the artist formerly known as Young Thug (now he's started going by his real name, Jeffery).

It's straightforward but its also pitch-perfect, giving Usher full scope to display his boundless charm, charisma and very smooth moves.

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