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GoGo Penguin 'Window' by Antony Barkworth-Knight

"We're thrown into existence, life bustles around us, we live, it's amazing, and then before we know it it's all gone," says Antony Barkworth-Knight, who's latest video for UK jazz outfit GoGo Penguin is an absorbing account of a man made of stones, who has to struggle through a harsh, bleak, mostly featureless world that has distinct parallels with our own.

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Blue Lab Beats 'Pineapple' by Jon E Price

Inspired by Blue Lab Beats front man Namali and his blue high top fade hairstyle, Jon E Price's video for Pineapple explores individualism and relationships, tied together through the common thread of our hair.

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Winterplay 'Jazz Foo Foo' by Emanuele Kabu

Italian animator Emanuele Kabu has created this lovely handmade animation for South Korean jazz-pop outfit Winterplay.

Kabu creates a blazingly colourful world redefined in geometrical shapes, redolent of the mid-20th century Visual Music school and a vibrant counterpoint to the cool sounds of Juhan Lee's jazz trumpet.   

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Tom Misch 'Movie' by Joshua Osborne

Joshua Osborne's video for Tom Misch's Movie is a real family affair. From the opening shot, featuring Polly Misch lipsyncing over a sample from Brief Encounter, we follow Tom into a private cinema to run a very special film on the projector.

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