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Kirin J Callinan 'You Think You're A Man' by Kim Gehrig

Kim Gehrig collaborated with Terrible Records artist Kirin J Callinan to re-record You Think You’re a Man – originally performed by cult icon Divine – and create a music video for the track, the purpose of which is to highlight the rise of drink-related violence in Australia, and in particular the 'King Hit' - the act of throwing a single punch at an unsuspecting victim - and its dreadful lega

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Phoenix 'Role Model' by Chris Hopkins/Lost Art

Phoenix's new video is an irreverent reworking of cultural history by Chris Hopkins at Melbourne-based design and directing team Lost Art, where the band become an integral part of a rare '80s documentary about legendary and controversial fashion photographer Helmut Newton.

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OUTLYA 'White Light' by Rafe

Rafe brings a retro English sci-fi vibe to his video for indie-pop outfit OUTLYA. 

In the video for White Light, a group of young people are separately affected by the transmissions by the band, recording from a remote and mysterious building. Intense zooms, subliminal editing, and glitches build that sense of edgy mystery to proceedings. 

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The Fratellis 'I've Been Blind' by Theo Gee

Three scientists trapped in a dull, monochrome world slave over experiment after experiment to try and discover the one thing they can’t even imagine - colour – in Theo Gee's entertaining video for The Fratellis.

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