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Royce Da 5'9 ft Eminem, King Green 'Caterpillar' by James Larese

Old school hip-hop video vibes with a modern twist for Royce Da 5'9, guest starring Eminem, directed by James Larese. 

With VFX and design by TIMBER amplifying the lyrical flow (it has a similar feel to the work of RUFFMERCY), the black and white performance set-up works well. Comes as a nice surprise when you realise that is the motionless Eminem is not actually a cutout. 

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NxWorries (Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge) 'Lyk Dis' by Andy Baker and Robin Velghe

London-based animator Andy Baker does a great job bringing the brilliantly bold cartoonish illustrations of Robin Velghe - aka Rhymezlikedimez - to life for NxWorries in the supercool video for Lyk Dis.

Baker and Velghe take the duo - that's Anderson.Paak and Knxwledge - on a southern Californian roadtrip where everything appears just a bit suggestive to their one-track minds... 

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Kojo Funds 'Stallin' by Gerald Sagoe

Gerald Sagoe turns a London estate into a beautiful battleground for Kojo Funds.

Excellent black and white photography and super slow motion turns a mass fight into a metaphor. Sagoe's video for Funds' Stallin' is an impressive music video directing debut.

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Keny Arkana 'Madame La Marquise' by Jeremi Durand

Jeremi Durand's powerful video for French rapper Keny Arkana imagines a near-future society at breaking point.

Referencing the sentiment of wilful blinkeredness when the world around you is going to hell – as expressed in Paul Misraki’s 1935 song from which it takes its title - Arkana's Madame la Marquise calls out modern society’s indifference to the destructive path we’re on.

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Gyles Bartle 'You' by Nadira Amrani

Gyles Bartle leaves his local cornershop and straight into a more dreamlike, cinematic version of reality.

This is a journey in mixed formats by Nadira Amrani for You. And as night turns to day, one song fades out and another begins...

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