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Gilligan Moss 'Want U So Bad' by Rianne White

Rianne White imagines a female Dracula for Gilligan Moss, and Hammer horror, Italian giallo and club culture references create a melting pot of signifiers for the infectious Want You So Bad.

Our anti-heroine is a glamourous, waxy-faced socialite, quaffing bloody cocktails out of a 70s hearse, and luring unsuspecting girls to the neverending nightclub of the Undead... 

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Calyx & Teebee 'Intravenous' by Marie-Ann Morrell

Shot at the neon sign treasure trove that is God’s Own Junkyard in London, Marie-Ann Morrell directs Calyx as he attempts to navigate his way around this blazingly colourful location while also avoiding the mysterious and talented sirens who are luring him into their grasp. This plunges the viewer into a mesmerisingly kinetic world which echoes the rapid beat of the music. 

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Roisin Murphy 'All My Dreams' by Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy's new album All My Dreams/Innocence, a collaboration with legendary dance producer Maurice Fulton, comes with a trio of new videos directed by Murphy herself. And here's the first – a burst of lo-fi, tongue-in-cheek rave nostalgia.

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Diplo ft Lil Xan 'Color Blind' by Austin Peters

Austin Peters has created an atmospheric, grungy and woozily lo-fi video for Diplo's collab with emerging SoundCloud rapper Lil Xan.

Shot on various formats, the scenes include Diplo and Lil Xan hanging in a rundown car in a field. Xan also walks woozily around a house party a la Mean Streets, a gas station and the aisles of a convenience store.

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Confidence Man 'Don't You Know I'm In A Band' by Schall & Schnabel and Julian Lucas

Following the visual wit of their videos for Boyfriend and Better Sit Down Boy, Brisbane indie-dance crew Confidence Man have released their debut album Confident Music For Confident People, and that coincides with the release of their third video by directors and creatives Schall & Schnabel, with additional direction by Julian Lucas - and it's their most confident collaboration t

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