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Dimension 'Black Church' by Raja Virdi

Raja Virdi expands from his signature live performance promo style with this ambitious production for Dimension, shot in Peterborough Cathedral.

Dark narrative elements accompany a performance by the electronic artist in the remarkable space, shot in black and white to fit in with Dimension's trademark monochromatic visual style.

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Bonobo ft Innov Gnawa 'Bambro Koyo Ganda' by Stylewar

Swedish directing collective Stylewar return to music videos after a long absence for the latest visual treat for Bonobo.

Like the two previous videos for tracks on the current album, for Kerala and No Reason, everything here is subject to subtle manipulation. In this case, each scene contains looping elements, which keep in sync to the beat of the track.

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Not Waving '24' by Simon Owens

Simon Owens embarks on an intrepid adventure across London to meet a bunch of very excitable dogs. And the result is this remarkable, highly entertaining video. 

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Rysy 'Father' by Martyna Iwańska

A cast of visually intriguing characters, a jet-black snake, and a series of disquieting VFX-enhanced images conjure a hypnotically unreal visual accompaniment to Polish band Rysy's track Father, created by the highly regarded Martyna Iwańska.  

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