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Two Penny Blue 'Lament' by Dan Hawkins

Two Penny Blue's Lament is about coming to terms with Death, a theme interpreted by Dan Hawkins as a disconnected relationship between singer Tommy Gathers and a young woman who is a mysterious and seductive presence throughout the video.

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Alexis Taylor 'Oh Baby' by Simon Owens

Simon Owens' latest video for Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor is another low budget delight, all about Alexis's wandering eyes. But it's okay, they only have eyes for each other.

In Oh Baby (from the new solo album coming soon on Domino Records) Alexis's peepers leave his face and go on a jaunt around town, bobbing along together, possibly in search for a new face. 

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Beck 'Colors' by Edgar Wright

After his biggest movie hit yet with Baby Driver - the film that was inspired by his late 90s video for Mint Royale - Edgar Wright makes a surprise return to music videos for Beck. And it also could be about to be part of something big.

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Rone 'Origami' by Klub Simon

Animation collective Klub Simon - that's Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka, Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Dimitri Stankowicz and Thomas Pons - have created a mesmerizing video for Rone, riffing on the themes of science and space with their different styles.

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