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Yungen 'Bestie' by Oliver Jennings

Oliver Jennings delivers another hit video for Yungen's Bestie, featuring Yxng Bane. Jennings and crew travelled to Dubai for a week-long, intense shoot, managing to capture the beauty the Emirate with a hint of madness: quad bikes, G Wagons, kids drifting...

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Haim 'Want You Back' by Jake Schreier

One-take videos are no longer a rarity, that's for sure. And that's probably why the element of jeopardy that was associated with them, that sense of something momentous happening in real time, is not a given any more. But Jake Schreier's video for Haim's Want You Back aspires to be a modern-day Unfinished Sympathy. 

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RAC ft. Rivers Cuomo 'I Still Wanna Know' by Claire Marie Vogel

Meet the world's worst mailman. This guy seems incapable of doing his job properly – but has a lot of fun (not) doing it.

Nor does his utterly irresponsible behaviour go down too well in his particular part of suburbia  - until he hooks up with RAC to deliver a rocking guitar solo on I Still Wanna Know, bringing the party to the neighbourhood. 

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