Justice 'Love S.O.S.' by Edouard Salier

Justice 'Love S.O.S.' by Edouard Salier
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Edouard Salier's extraordinary video for Justice's Love S.O.S. marks his return to music videos, and a reunion with France's top electro-dance duo. Now working entirely in live action, this is an arresting symphony of awesome power and grace - and when it comes, unflinching violence.  

Back in 2011, Salier directed the video for Justice's Civilization, exhibiting his tremendous skill as a creator of fantasy worlds: a herd of buffalo are panicked into stampede by the turning on its axis of their flat discworld, dislodging massive Greek-style statues around them. In Love S.O.S., it's as if the Greek statuary has become real, in the guise of a high-heeled-wearing heavily-scarred bodybuilder, who takes to the stage of a nightclub.

In an intriguing subversion of accepted roles, it turns out this muscleman is a poledancer, who proceeds to display his unusual skills within a glass case, viewed by a well-to-do nightclub audience.

But then comes the twist - and we find out the real reason why he's wearing those high heels. Ouch. 


Edouard Salier
Creative Director
Pascal Teixeira
Maëva Tenneroni
Horace De Gunzbourg
Production Company
IconoclastIconoclast website
Director of Photography
Mattias Rudh
Loïc Andrieu
Set design
Gael Leroux
Set design
Rudy Annese
Edem Dossou
Jacques-Olivier Molon
Ophélie Secq
Rimi Ura
Maxime Pozzi Garcia
Mathieu Caplanne

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