Dave ft. Fredo 'Funky Friday' by Nathan James Tettey & Dave

Dave ft. Fredo 'Funky Friday' by Nathan James Tettey & Dave
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Nathan James Tettey's latest collab with Dave has the precocious grime sensation and his pal Fredo living it large in the Home Counties - with animals.

In an artfully constructed display of UK-centric bling, which begins with Dave in a forest of gorgeous hothouse blooms, this is a strong and classy showcase for Funky Friday, co-directed by Tettey and Dave, shot by Stefan Yap. 


Nathan James Tettey
Natalie Steiner
Production Company
Dirtywork @ Rattling Stick
Production Company
Rattling StickRattling Stick website
Executive Producer
Emma Wellbelove
Production Manager
Johny Chhetri
1st AD
Luke Goodrich, Jack Meredith
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Grant Sandy Phillips
Mark Campany, Danny Hayward
Production designer
Phoebe Darling
Art Director
Elliott Rooney
Chris Wilson
Editing company
HomespunHomespun website
Jax Harney
Director's Representation
Production Assistant
Naomi Goddard
Focus Puller
Alasdair Baines, Kit Mackenzie
2nd AC
Josh Tilley, Cristopher Starkey
Camera Trainee
Marti Guiver, Nick Brown
2nd AD
Charlie Killick, Ato Yankey
3rd AD
Abi Jarvis, Dan Hasson
Special Thanks
Daniella Manca, Jeaniq, Dir Lx

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