Leningrad 'Tsoi' by Ilya Naishuller

Leningrad 'Tsoi' by Ilya Naishuller
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Ilya Naishuller puts space travel on steroids in his latest extravaganza for Russian rock band Leningrad.

We follow the wacky adventures of a lonely astronaut (or cosmonaut is probably more accurate) played by Leningrad’s frontman, Sergei Snurov, and his animated alien friend Gesha. Naishuller’s typically playful and eye-popping vision of the cosmic far-future features groovy UV dance routines, epic escapes from explosions, champagne-filled celebrations and Tesla’s iconic Roadster, looking a bit worse for wear.

With superb art direction, great graphics and fantastic animation, Tsoi is another Leningrad video by Naishuller that looks like a million dollars. The world, and possibly the universe, is his oyster.

From the director


“Listening to the band’s new EP, I immediately took a liking to the song Tsoi, which stood out for me for it’s uniquely nostalgic tone. The uplifting yet longing lyrics speak of frontman Sergei’s memories from the early 90s, such as getting his nose broken at classic St Petersburg locales.

"Right away, it inspired me to recreate that loneliness in the coldest and most isolated of places: outer space. I set the story in the far future and decided to have Sergei clumsily dancing through a dying spaceship. Since I’ve always wanted to work with full CG creatures, I thought it would be lots of fun to give Sergei a small alien friend to interact with, and so little ‘Gesha’ was born.”


Ilya Naishuller
Ekaterina Kononenko, Ilya Naishuller, Ruben Adamyan, Alexander Gorokhov, Ekaterina Averina
Production Company
Versus Pictures/cgf/great Guns
Executive Producer
Egor Solomatin
Director of Photography
Genrih Meder

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