LCD Soundsystem 'oh baby' by Rian Johnson

LCD Soundsystem 'oh baby' by Rian Johnson
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson directs a music video for LCD Soundsystem, starring the marvellous Sissy Spacek and David Straithairn as a married couple of ageing scientists who make a momentous discovery.

They discover the secret of teleportation. But unfortunate events conspire to turn this astonishing feat of scientific brilliance into a blip of human history.

Johson's flirtation into music video is perhaps an unlikely vehicle for a LCD Soundsystem song but it really works. The director and his Twilight Zone-style short story wisely makes the most of the quality of its star performers. As a result it will stays in the memory. 


Rian Johnson
Maggie McLean
Executive Producer
Michael Sagol
Executive Producer
Kim Dellara
Executive Producer
Jasper Thomlinson
Head Of Production
Casey Wooden
Director of Photography
Steve Yedlin
Production designer
Carlos Laszlo
Michele Posch
Rian Johnson
Saul Levitz

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