Col3trane 'Tyler' by Felix Brady

Col3trane 'Tyler' by Felix Brady
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Felix Brady's second video for Col3trane is another VFX-fired feat of visual ingenuity, to show he's a young director who's becoming a dab hand at bringing old school tech bang up to date.

Like his first Col3trane video - for Language (ft Ebenezer), nominated at this year's UKMVAs - this one for Tyler sees multiple versions of the young London rapper turn up in one continuous shot. Where the first video drops Col3trane at different spots across East London, this one is far more in-your-face and somewhat claustrophobic. A swirling camera picks up different Coles, going after the same girl - and all takes place inside (and outside) the confined space of a caravan travelling down a country road.

Once again Brady puts his faith to MOCO, just like in the Language video, and makes the most of Col3trane's undoubted charisma, charm and flair of the visually inventive (he's also nominated at the UKMVAs for the Oscar Hudson-directed video for Fear & Loathing/Britney


Felix Brady
Martha McGuirk
James Cross
Production Company
StinkStink website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Production Manager
Alex Jefferson
1st AD
Ezra Sumner
Director of Photography
Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Focus Puller
Richard Savage
Bill Rae Smith
Art Director
Elizabeth El Kadi + Chloe Brady
Savannah Baker
Sukhy Bhnadal
Thomas Mangham
Grading company
The Mill
Matt King + Daniel Hawkins
Lead actor
Alexandra Tinney
Director's Representation
Sarah Boardman
Caroline Clayton
Tap Mgmt
MOCO Operator
Justin Pentecost
Camera Trainee
Greg Welbourne
Callum Crisell + John Letsinger
Trainee Spark
Chris Dumont
Nancy Smith, Cheyenne Waters
2nd Unit Camera
Thomas Terminet
Sound Design
Jack Patterson @ Wave Studios

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