Lewis Capaldi 'Grace' by Louis Bhose

Lewis Capaldi 'Grace' by Louis Bhose
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When it comes to helping a friend in need, Lewis Capaldi is forced into just about the most unlikely scenario possible for a humble guitar-strumming singer-songwriter, and he absolutely smashes it. 

Louis Bhose manages to make a silly idea very entertaining indeed, and a great vehicle for Capaldi's Grace, as he takes to stage in a Glaswegian poledancing club, in front of some confused and infuriated punters...

From the director


"Hats off to Lewis for this one - the topline came from him, and he was game the whole way through. Even when I suggested four impossibly muscular men strip next to him. Even when I suggested he learns the same choreo as them. And he kept his patience with me through rehearsals, as I sat there eating Kinder Buenos while he worked his butt off.

"So yeah, thank you Lewis. A proper team effort on this one too, ideas coming from all departments and making it a real fun set to be on. Insider tip: if you look closely, you can see that it wasn't actually Lewis doing the backflip. Let's try and keep that within the industry though."


Louis Bhose
India Bradshaw
Production Company
Agile FilmsAgile Films website
Executive Producer
Hayley Williams
1st AD
Jack Meredith
Director of Photography
Murren TullettMurren Tullett website
Focus Puller
Pete Bateson
2nd AC
Ollie Hallam
Grant Sandy Phillips
Bill Rae Smith
Art Director
Phoebe Darling
Luci Ellis
Hair & Make-up
Jess Summer
Supple Nam
Location Manager
Mark Rolfe
Editing company
Home Spun
Caroline Morin
Grading company
Steve Millington
Lead actor
Lewis Capaldi
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
James Hackett
Virgin EMI

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