Wolf Alice 'Heavenward' by João Retorta

Wolf Alice 'Heavenward' by João Retorta
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Boiler Room called in their regular collaborator João Retorta to bring Wolf Alice’s story to life in the second part of a performance-led series featuring nominated artists of this year's Hyundai Mercury Music Prize.

The individual members of Wolf Alice are introduced as they stand alone, in the dimly lit rooms of a dilapidated basement. Their voices echo over a chaotic montage sequence as they make their introductions. The scene then cuts to an intricately woven one shot, with the camera journeying from room to room, between each of the band members, until finally they meet, in front of their instruments.

What follows is a stripped-back, live acoustic performance of Heavenward from their Album of the Year-nominated album Visions of a Life. The fluidity and beauty of the camerawork creates a dreamlike quality to the performance allowing the viewer an almost immersive experience.

"Visions of a Life [was] written during quite a big period of change for us,” says Wolf Alice's Ellie ??????. "Each song’s almost like a diary entry of that period of time where you see yourself, what you were like in the past. It’s broad but it’s personal, introspective.”


Joao Retorta
James Cross
Production Company
Bullion ProductionsBullion Productions website
Director of Photography
Joel Honeywell
Ed Cooper
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms
Joseph Bicknell
Grading company

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