Sam Frankl 'Patina' by Will & Carly

Sam Frankl 'Patina' by Will & Carly
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Will & Carly's video for Sam Frankl is a highly stylised piece of performance that explores the collapse of a relationship thorugh choregoraphy in a simple stark space. 

Sam Frankl and his fellow performer Anna Engerstöm move in expressive movements around the central table, creating an emotive discussion through dance. Dramatic shifts from light to dark serves to intensify the sense of atmosphere, emphasised through the choice of monochromatic grading. The result is a stylish, beautifully effective video.   

From the director


"When Sam approached us initially, he was totally transparent and explained to us the significance of the song and the personal place from which it came. It was interesting to observe his honesty and openness about feelings that most people wouldn't normally admit to.

"The basic premise of the song is about a couple after a break up where the girl is asking quasi masochistically about the boy's new relationship, indulging the odd but familiar desire to self-harm emotionally rather than succumb to complete indifference.

"Inspired by the performance art of Marina Abramovic and Ulay which often explored the idea of relationship (Light/Dark & AAA-AAA), we set upon the idea of a post break-up interrogation where our protagonists physically and mentally push and pull one another in an attempt to provoke a reaction. Working with the talented dancer and choreographer, Anna Engerström, we devised an emotion-fuelled performance that ricochets back and forth between our two characters culminating in a physically charged finale where there are no winners."


Will & CarlyWill & Carly website
Tash Bloom
1st AD
Riccardo D'amico
Director of Photography
Ben Coughlan
Focus Puller
Bruno Travers
Daniel Goodall
Art Director
Will & Carly
Raphael Urbain
Melissa Vondoom
Yulia Yurchenko
Ellie Mcnaughton
Editing company
Work Editorial
Adam Clarke
Grading company
Absolute Post
Post production company
Absolute Post
Post Producer
Kirsty Murray
Owen Saward
Lead actor
Sam Frankl
Lead actor
Anna Engerstöm
One Two Many

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