Jack White 'Corporation' by Jodeb

Jack White 'Corporation' by Jodeb
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Jodeb's superb video for Jack White's track Corporation is a mesmerising narrative piece, ostensibly a whodunnit-style murder mystery - with Jack as the victim. But then it becomes something even more mysterious. And by the end, it just leaves you with lots more questions.

While the detective on the murder case (played by Zooey Deschanel, cast very much against type) interviews the various suspects of the investigation, Jodeb throws out their riveting, strange, and often grimly violent backstories. The whole murder mystery premise develops into something increasingly complicated, metaphorical and supernatural, driven by these fascinating characters and the fast-moving action. 

As the song builds to its climax so too does the narrative. In a boardroom, Deschanel joins all the suspects - with the victim.

Jodeb leaves it to the viewer to decipher the meaning, if not the actual mystery of the crime. It's surreal, symbolic, thought-provoking, and it's brilliantly done.


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