Indochine 'Station 13' by Bouha Kazmi

Indochine 'Station 13' by Bouha Kazmi
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Bouha Kazmi's video for legendary French band Indochine’s Station 13 is not for the fainthearted. Visceral, brutal and harrowing, it's also an extraordinary achievement.

Kazmi apparently takes us into the mid-century struggles for civil rights. It's a beautifully dramatised scenario that instantly evokes the battles against segregation in the American South, and against Apartheid in South Africa. But Kazmi adds another, almost biblical dimension to proceedings.

The black men who are being serially persecuted and beaten by police are revealed to be angels on Earth. The stark, dramatic black and white images - beautifully shot by Kaname Onoyama - are redolent of classic Magnum photography, but they are influenced just as much by the religious painting of Caravaggio and Rubens.

The themes of racism, suffering, police brutality are delivered with operatic gravity, leading to an almost unbearable finale - the ripping of an angel's wings from his body, in front of a crowd of onlookers.

It is harrowing, but also unforgettable: the most powerful indictment of man's perpetual weakness - the impulse to try to destroy what he does not understand and therefore fears.


Bouha Kazmi
Sarah Tognazzi
Production Company
London AlleyLondon Alley website
Executive Producer
Jess Bell
Production Manager
Colin Greyvensteyn
1st AD
Westley Durand
Director of Photography
Kaname Onoyama
Art Director
Laurence Bishop
Moira Meyer
Nikkila Mann
Nikkila Mann
John Holloway
Editing company
Portobello Post
Joseph Bicknell
Grading company
Post production company
Gloria FX
Director's Representation
OB Management
Sony Music France
2nd Unit Director
Sarah Tognazzi
2nd Unit Director Of Photography
Fabian Vettiger
SFX Designer
Chad Waller
Service Company
Triplane Films
Service Producer
Sophia Dewberry
Quoting Producer
Murray Macdonald
Production Coordinator
Philip Townsend
Production Assistant
Bruno Loureiro
Cast Coordinator
Paul Harker
2nd Assistant Director
Clynton Kleynhans
Unit Manager
Justin Bezuidenhout
Casting Director
Jaci Cheiman
Sound Design
Jason Peacock

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