PD Liddle 'Uncanny Valley' by Brock Neal Roberts

PD Liddle 'Uncanny Valley' by Brock Neal Roberts
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For the first single of Dry The River lead singer PD Liddle's debut solo album, Brock Neal Roberts' delivers a restrained dystopian vision where a middle aged women must undergo a remarkable transformation, in order satsfy the demands of her male counterpart.

Shot in lush English countryside, it's an outwardly idyllic setting that, as with era-defining productions Get Out and Handmaid's Tale, contains psychological horror within. 

Liddle also offers a quietly charismatic performance of Uncanny Valley as a troubled member - or perhaps collaborator? - of this creepy world.



Brock Neal Roberts
Laura Northover
Production Manager
Angelique Arnold
Director of Photography
Alistair Little
Focus Puller
Michael Hannides
2nd AC
Max Smith
Art Director
Joe Steptoe
Christy Church
Christy Church
Riccardo Fusetti
Toby Tomkins @ Cheat
Director's Representation
Richard Grewe @ Blink

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