Becky and the Birds 'Album EP' by Geej Ower

Becky and the Birds 'Album EP' by Geej Ower
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Geej Ower has delivered a series of beautifully-realised mini-tales from the city, in this ambitious short film for Thea Gustafsson, aka Becky and the Birds.

For five songs on the upcoming 'Album EP', Ower sketches different female experiences - the young traveller lost in her headphones/music; the girl in a relationship; the independent-minded skater; the mother, forced to remember a traumatic loss; and finally Thea/Becky herself, in a break from a moment of intimacy.

Shot on film - beautiful job by Nick Morris - this portmanteau-style film has the fantastic quality of sketching life as it is now, through a range of storytelling techniques. Ower really shows what she's capable of here, and it's a marvellous showcase for Gustafsson's music.

From the director


"When Thea (aka Becky and the Birds) approached me for this project it felt like an impossible task. We had TWO weeks from first hearing about it to having to deliver completely. But I fell in love with the whole EP and so I was determined to make it work.

"We both loved this idea of focussing the whole film on varying moments in different women's days; some small and seemingly insignificant, others more weighted, each taking it’s lead from the emotion of the music as if it was soundtracking their subconscious. I wanted it to be observational of these women and have a subtlety and reality to it that people could connect to - like we’d just dipped into their minds for a moment as they were lost in thought or memory.

"I wanted it to feel like all of their small individual stories were existing in the same city so there was this sense of unity between the women even though they were isolated in their own situation. I still don’t think we see enough stuff that is purely focussed on female stories or characters, and as brief as these moments are in this film it was still a real joy to be driven by that.

"Nick Morris, our DoP, was equally as brilliant to work with on this. We tried to keep this cohesion across the film whilst allowing each track to have it’s own style and feel, which I think we achieved. Considering we’d barely recced the locations before the shoot due to the time restraints and were on a very ambitious schedule I reckon we did pretty well."


Geej Ower
Molly McGregor
Production Company
StinkStink website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
1st AD
Elle Lotherington
Director of Photography
Nick Morris
Focus Puller
Phil Heron
2nd AC
Josh Dadson
Will Pope
Art Director
Elena Isolini
Millie Wilkie
Billie Mackenzie
Geej Ower
Oisín O'Driscoll
Grading company
The Mill
Emma Holt Emily Allen Lucas Jones Savanna Small Olivia Stott Amaka Ofakor
Director's Representation
Sarah Boardman @ Hands
Paul Sonkamble
Grant Sandy - Phillips
Lucrecia Pollice
Rik Patel
Additional Photography
Klara Rychtarcikova

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