Alessia Cara 'Growing Pains' by Alan Masferrer

Alessia Cara 'Growing Pains' by Alan Masferrer
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Spanish director Alan Masferrer has created an idiosyncratic showcase for Alessia Cara - winner of Best New Artist at the 2018 Grammys - and the first single from her new album: a very stripped-down, conceptually-led version of a big studio production number that figuratively represents the jumble of emotions in Alessia's song Growing Pains.

In a huge set, Masferrer uses theatrical lighting, fabric, occasional props and an impressive squad of dancers to tell the story behind the big suit that Alessia is wearing on the cover of her new album. It's also about navigating the obstacle course to adulthood, and also achieved in what appears to be a single take - with a real 'how did they do that?' moment coming at the end.

From the director


"It was a big challenge to shoot it in one take, although there is an obvious addition that you will appreciate as soon as you watch it.

"Everything that happens in the video makes sense with what Alessia wanted to transmit with the song, but I think she was really brave to go on board with this idea as it subverts her usual environment."


Alan MasferrerAlan Masferrer website
Natalia Vargas
Lara Saborido
Production Company
Executive Producer
Dani Monedero
Executive Producer
Jesus Alamo
Production Manager
Raquel Giménez
1st AD
Juantxo Grafulla
Director of Photography
Pau Castejón
Martí Maluquer
Art Director
Toni Castells
Brisa Salietti
Natalia Montoya
Marc Morató
Grading company
La Metropolitana
Post Producer
Roberto García
Def Jam Recordings
Focus Puller
Alex González
José Antonio Sousa
Underwater Operator
Txema Vega
Oriol Tarrida - Nasa FX
Make-up Assistants
Alba Gómez, Laura Sans, Carmina Camps
Stylist Assistants
Adam Ricort, Laia Gutiérrez
Aarón Rides José Cuenca Daniel Méndez José Miguel Medina, Marina Fernández De Haro, Sheila Jordà, Àlex Herrador, Arantxa Albiach

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