Art School Girlfriend 'Moon' by Luke Tierney

Art School Girlfriend 'Moon' by Luke Tierney
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Luke Tierney, more commonly known as exective prodcuer and head of music at FRIEND in London, makes his directing debut with this effective one-shot video for electro-pop artist Art School Girlfriend.

For Moon, the camera follows the aforementioned ASG through different rooms and scenarios in a London working men's club - the Peckham Liberal Club, in fact – which has been transformed into the Monlight Working Women's Club, where a subtle level of surrealism ensues.

With sterling support from the team behind him, including Doug Walshe's consummate steadicam skills, it's an impressive opening salvo as a director by Tierney.


Doug Walshe
Luke Tierney
Molly McGregor
1st AD
Danny Rumbelow
Director of Photography
Ben Coughlan
Focus Puller
Bruno Travers
Will Pope
Art Director
Alexandra Toomey
Hair & Make-up
Phoebe Llewyn
Joanna Lewandowska
Editing company
Cut+RunCut+Run website
Daniel de Vue
Grading company
Post Producer
Victoria Waterhouse-taylor
Steven Boden
Natalie Arnett
Wolf Tone
Clapper Loader
Benni Veasey
Art Assistant
Sasha Owen
Best Boy
Milo Cosemans
Desk Op
Pat Krause
Idris Rhys, Tony Gamble, Dan Goodall
Ciara Ledward, Samuel Fullerton
Costume Assistant
Annushka Rodgers
Afiya Muir, Angela La Fortune, Diane Crush, Jane Marney, Katsumi Endo, Riya Suleiman, Sharon Forbes, Susanne Schraps, Victoria Watkins, Lola Claire, Kim Spearman, Lucia Saavedra, Lucrecia Taormina, Victoria Elizabeth, Sian Youngerman

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