NHS Blood & Transplant 'Save The Nation' by Dominic O'Riordan

NHS Blood & Transplant 'Save The Nation' by Dominic O'Riordan
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It's the week for England goalkeeping heroics - and hopefully more to come - and after Jordan Pickford, here are couple of proper England goalkeeping legends doing their bit.

Peter Shilton and David Seaman (who's the only other England keeper to come out on top in a penalty shootout) are the stars of a campaign to encourage young men - and particularly young black men, who may have the rare subtype Ro blood type - to donate their blood, and Save The Nation.

Pulled together at short notice - it was commissioned the day the World Cup started and shot the day after England's opening match against Tunisia - Dom O'Riordan came on board to direct a classic encounter between the young guns on a inner city football court and the grizzled old pros.

The ensuing football match was filmed on a football pitch in Pimlico - a recommendation to producer Phil Tidy from Matthew Fone, who had filmed part of Megaforce's brilliant Nike LDN ad there. 

"In the morning of the shoot Dom choreographed ten moves with the actors, with standins for Peter and David," explains Phil Tidy. "We shot all in a few hours and also the Give Blood centre that evening in Peckham. The Ex-England players turned up and were the best.  So much fun and happy to dive around…"

One of O'Riordan's genius moves was to get Grim Sickers to donate their track Open The Till, featuring Mike Skinner, as the soundtrack for the ad. "Dom cut the film in two sleepless days and nights and Framestore squeezed the job in and made it all happen amazingly," says Tidy.

And all for something that is, yes, even more important than the football... even right now. It's for the NHS Blood and Transplant, and this came out the week of the NHS's 70th birthday.

And as for the 52 years of hurt... Come on England!

• More on the campaign here


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Phil Tidy
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GRIM SICKERS feat Mike Skinner “Open The Til”
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