Bondax 'Real Thing' by Ralph Briscoe, Jay Stephen

Bondax 'Real Thing' by Ralph Briscoe, Jay Stephen
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A young man embarks on an emotional journey to self acceptance, without ever leaving home, in Ralph Briscoe and Jay Stephen's absorbing video for Bondax. 

As the young man (played by Paul Raschid) goes from one persona to the next, with scenes jumping from being dark and unnerving to seductive and humorous, the film portrays the highs and lows of someone in constant conflict with their identity. It also delves into the unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves to be like other people and the obsession to be perfect, and on the pressures young men feel to constantly hide their emotions.

The film for the song Real Thing - featuring Andreya Tatyana on vocals - is a collaboration between Briscoe and Stephen, both creatives at top London VFX company Time Based Arts. 


From the director

Ralph Briscoe, Jay Stephen: "We wanted to shed light on the struggles people go through behind closed doors. Our film explores the journey of self love and the importance of accepting yourself as the real you.”


Ralph Briscoe
Jay Stephen
Will Parnall
Production Company
Time Based Arts
Executive Producer
Tom Johnson
1st AD
Will Parnall
Director of Photography
Francis Lane
Focus Puller
Zag Elrat
2nd AC
Josh Cobb
Sam Meyer
Art Director
Stephanie Lane
Jade Moore
Hair & Make-up
Shayna Lewis Fenton
Ralph Briscoe
Jay Stephen
Myles Bevan
Post production company
Time Based Arts
Post Producer
Tom Johnson
Ralph Briscoe
Paul Raschid
Charlie Rizek
Art Dep. Assistant
Charlotte Toon
Prop Man
Simon Lane
Simon Brooks
Flame Lead
Ben Stonehouse
Production Assistant
Sean Ewins
Lewes Bridson, Maria Bracher, Dee Stephen

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