Jay Rock ft J Cole 'OSOM' by Dave Free & Jack Begert

Jay Rock ft J Cole 'OSOM' by Dave Free & Jack Begert
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Dave Free's latest directing foray sees him swapping his usual Little Homies partner Kendrick Lamar for Jack Begert, to tell a hard-boiled, Coens-esque tale of bungled criminal enterprise for Jay Rock's OSOM, featuring J Cole.

Both artists feature as the criminal partners in a story which begins after the robbery which has not gone entirely to plan. With most of the money stashed away in the motel room's air vent - a nod to No Country For Old Men, perhaps - they go their separate ways to stew, and neither can shake the ominous feeling that they are being watched. 

No prizes for guessing this all goes wrong in the end. But in the meantime Free and Begert boldly sketch the lives of the Rock and Cole characters, as regular guys who have slid into crime, and must now face the dire consequences.


Dave Free
Jack Begert
Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith
Dave Free
Tay Hawes
Angel J Rosa
Production Company
TDE Films
Production Company
AJR Films

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