Yogi ft. Maleek Berry, Ray BLK, Kid Ink 'Baby' by Francis Wallis

Yogi ft. Maleek Berry, Ray BLK, Kid Ink 'Baby' by Francis Wallis
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Francis Wallis heads to the stock car racetrack with DJ Yogi and guest vocalists Maleek Berry, Ray BLK and Kid Ink to kick up a colourful storm for Baby.

And while Maleek speeds around the track in a classic stock car, it's Ray who pretty much steals the show, in her awesome sparkly blue jumpsuit...

From the director


"We shot this video at a racetrack on the outskirts of Los Angeles. A group of people break into the venue and set up a pirate radio station, leading to a crazy night of fun, action and great performances from Maleek Berry, Ray BLK and Kid Ink. It’s a nod to the UK pirate radio scene of the 90s, something I know that Yogi was a part of and still something that resonates with his broader fan base.

"Artists performances were key to bringing this to life, we see Maleek Berry kicking up dust as he does burnouts in a classic stock car. Ray BLK owns it as she performs to camera against red smoke and the extra risk of a speeding car drifting around her. Watching on from the stands we see Kid ink performing against colorful lights as the scene unravels below him.

"I loved the energy of the this song and knew how significant it was to create the right mood and tone, using our location, lighting and smoke to maximum effect in achieving the look we wanted!"


Francis Wallis
Hannah Bilverstone
Production Company
Director of Photography
Corey Waters
Scott Smith
Andre Rodrigues
Editing company
Dan Moran
Grading company
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Jamie Cox
Local Producer
Nicole Rodrigues
Cast Wardrobe
Nikki Parisi
Cast Make Up
Billie Jean Vaughn, Kaleigh Neiman

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