Saint Agnes 'The Witching Hour' by Brendan Cleaves

Saint Agnes 'The Witching Hour' by Brendan Cleaves
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Brendan Cleaves takes us on an atmospheric and surreal roadtrip with East London psych-rock outfit Saint Agnes for their slowburning rumble The Witching Hour.

It's evocative of numerous classic films where dodgy back projection just adds to the spectacle, with band members - and other mysterious passengers - sometimes there, sometimes not... 

From the director


"We wanted to create a video based totally around the band and the idea of a bad 70’s rear projection road trip movie. We also wanted to keep thing simple and milk the idea that the song was actually almost seven minutes long, dragging things out a little. We threw continuity out the window and make it purposely jarring in the edit and flow.

"The band's image was also very important to me. It had to seamlessly integrate with the band's visual persona and feel of their other social presence."


Brendan Cleaves
Brendan Cleaves
Production Company
Rubbernecker FilmsRubbernecker Films website
Executive Producer
Seany Stuart
Director of Photography
James Anderson
Hair & Make-up
Evie Cervenka
Evie Cervenka/ Special Fx Make Up - Daniela Muscetra
Jen Tividad
Editing company
HomespunHomespun website
Chris Francis
Grading company
Company 3
Rob Maisey
Phineus Harper
Director's Representation
Las Bandas Be BraveLas Bandas Be Brave website

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