DMA's 'Do I Need You Now?' by Jake Jelicich

DMA's 'Do I Need You Now?' by Jake Jelicich
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Jake Jelicich has responded to Australian rock outfit DMA's take on vintage Britrock (and the ringing endorsement of Liam Gallagher) with a video with a real classic feel, exhibiting the director's qualities as DoP as well as director.

Jelicich has placed the band among a group of mysterious black-clad figures positioned around architecturally striking locations in London (Anthony Gormley-style). Despite the setting, this is far from ominous. The monochrome-tinted video itself has a very tranquil feel to it, as the viewer drifts from one concrete-heavy panorama to another, accompanied by the lead singer's soothing vocals.

This marks a visual departure for the band, who have commented: "We really liked Jake's previous videos and wanted to give him full creative control for Do I Need You Now?. He captured the mood of the song perfectly, and it was nice to just stand still for once."


Jake JelicichJake Jelicich website
Henry Napier-Brown
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Mayling Wong
Production Manager
Joe Browne
Focus Puller
Bradley Stearn
2nd AC
Tristn Bejawn
Lead actor
Bame Models
Lead actor
Director's Representation
Claire Stubbs @ Partizan

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