Father John Misty 'Please Don't Die' by Chris Hopewell

Father John Misty 'Please Don't Die' by Chris Hopewell
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Chris Hopewell's second video for Father John Misty, after the MVA-winning film for Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution, is another extraordinary voyage of discovery. This time it's Father John (aka Josh Tillman) who finds himself on a journey, with very ominous implications. 

We find Josh in his hotel room, the morning after a night of debauchery, as a typically autobiographical lyric, reflects upon the effects of a full-on rock and roll lifestyle. But soon he's falling into the Netherworld below, being guided across the River Styx by a big guy in a black hood...

Needless to say, Josh's journey, his observations of waltzing skeletons and eventual arrival at his own grave, to be dragged further below, are rendered in Hopewell's trademark style - gorgeous stop-motion animation, with beautifully crafted set of characters in a world painstakingly created in his Bristol-based Jacknife Studios. Wonderful stuff.





Chris Hopewell
Rosie Lea Brind
Production Company
Director of Photography
Jon Davey
Tom Weller
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