Bearcubs 'Underwaterfall' by Salomon Ligthelm

Bearcubs 'Underwaterfall' by Salomon Ligthelm
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Salomon Ligthelm creates a hypotic dreamscape for Bearcubs, with a flight into fantasy inspired by a clip of Disney's Peter Pan, witnessed on TV by the dozing protagonist.

Beautifully shot by Stuart Winecoff on 16mm, the video for Underwaterfall becomes a journey through the imagination. And it's all the more impressive that it came together at very short notice, as Ligthelm explains.

From the director


"It was one of those experiences where you just pick up the camera and go. We basically pulled the whole thing together in a day or two - a bunch of mates were in town around the same time fortunately...

"So we just hustled together to make it happen. Nothing too precious or planned out - I just wanted to have a good time with friends, working on a fun track."


Salomon Ligthelm
Chris Dodds
Production Company
Made By Limbo Productions
Director of Photography
Stuart Winecoff
Focus Puller
Aaron Snow, Tsyen Shen
Zac Mcquade
Miwa Sakulrat
Jamie Foord, Salomon Ligthelm
Lead actor
Sy Gaskin
Director's Representation
StinkStink website
Ryan Toussieng, Brendan Poutier
Key Stunt Rigger
Jamie Northrup
Stunt Riggers
Scott Kelly, Anthony Mecca, Ben Rezendes
Key Grip
Richard Auth
Aaron Landucci
Key PA
Ahmed Ashour
16mm Film Processing & Scans
Metropolis Post
Special Thanks
Khalid Mohtaseb, Jared Knecht, AbelCine, Monty Diamond

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