Inner Tongue 'Next Life' by Tobias Pichler, Lucas Riccabona

Inner Tongue 'Next Life' by Tobias Pichler, Lucas Riccabona
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When a young man starts a session on his desktop which leads him to falling into a vortex within the computer. And then the eery fun begins, in Tobias Pichler and Lucas Riccabona's video for Austrian artist Inner Tongue.

Is it because the virtual version and the real guy are spookily similar? Or is it just that riding digital dolphins in a lilac-coloured happy world of our own making is just around the corner. Or already happening...

From the director


"After hearing the song for the first time, I was drawn to its effortless mood and immediately fell for the emotion it conveys.

"Following wonderful discussions with Inner Tongue as well as Lucas Riccabona, frequent collaborator and co-director, it felt like the right thing to go for a significant virtual feel that especially our generation can relate to. The joy experienced in the process of finding the right tone and visual style is portrayed in the finished video.

"Working with Inner Tongue was one of my favourite experiences as a director so far. We share the same passion and motivation for what we do. He creates an environment in which every idea is treated equally with respect. To me, nothing is more powerful than that throughout an artistic process."


Tobias Pichler
Lucas Riccabona
Tobias Pichler
Production Company
WildrufWildruf website
Director of Photography
Matthias Helldoppler
Focus Puller
Valentin Pritz
Matthias Pfnark Groß
Sarah Suzanne
Andreas Moser
Grading company
Post production company
Graphic Design
Johannes Reisigl
Artwork On Table
Szilvia Bolla
Photography Featured On Screen
Warren Keelan, Daniela Trost, Thomas

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