Arctic Monkeys 'Four Out Of Five' by Ben Chappell & Aaron Brown

Arctic Monkeys 'Four Out Of Five' by Ben Chappell & Aaron Brown
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The Arctic Monkeys have stuck their necks out to make their new album Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino a proper concept album. The first video, directed by Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown, is entirely of a conceptual piece with that ambitious plan.

Complex to the point of opaque, multi-layered, visually rich and archly entertaining, Chappell and Brown weave a story in the style of a Seventies Euro-thriller, with Alex Turner as the hotel's enigmatic goateed architect, and also as Alex, leader of the band, leading parallel existences within the grand halls of Castle Howard in Yorkshire. 

This marks a reunion of Chappell and Brown, who directed together as Focus Creeps before Chappell departed - with Brown continuing under the old partnership's name - and the result is characteristically supercool, and also insinuating in its level of mystery.

It draws you into this new Arctic Monkeys music, so you need to find out more about thisTranquility Base thing...


Ben Chappell & Aaron Brown
Rob Leonard
Production Company
Executive Producer
Luke Tierney
Production Manager
James Greenall
Production Assistant
Grania Howard
1st AD
Billie Hallows
Charlotte Simpson
Stuart Bentley
Focus Puller
Steven Gardner
Mark Bull
Camera Trainee
Charlotte Croft
Dave Williamson
Camera Car Driver
Christopher Bates
Steve Manningham
Lee Martin
Vinny Cowper, Vinny Singh & Jamie Priestner
Genny Op
Craig Cowper
Production Designer
Mark Connell
Art Director
Max Lincoln
Art Assistant / Props
Dec Hardy
Props / Construction
Ben Greenwood
Lester Dunton
Wardrobe Stylist
David Nolan
Lou Howard
Tom Bushnell
Horst Master
Mark Atkinson
Germany Location Manager
Jens Geibel
Matt Cronin
Post House
Time Based Arts
Post Producer
Sean Ewins
Dave Sieg
Matte Painting
Dave Gibbons

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