MC Fioti ft Future, J Balvin, Stefflon Don & Juan Magan 'Bum Bum Tam Tam' by Meji Alabi

MC Fioti ft Future, J Balvin, Stefflon Don & Juan Magan 'Bum Bum Tam Tam' by Meji Alabi
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MC Fioti's huge Brazilian hit, remixed to include contributions from an international cast of hiphop stars, comes to London in Meji Alabi's action-packed live action video game for Bum Bum Tam Tam. 

It pitches a young man, lured by the mysterious tattooed Flute Guy, to join the game, and embark on a series of demanding dance battles, picking up points and power, and working his way through his challengers before reaching his final showdown with.... The Boss.

Set amid the classic brutalist architecture of Thamesmead, Alabi still evokes the Brazilian funk vibe of the song through a great cast of characters - including the superb Zacc Milne as the New Player, and the brilliant Princess K as the unstoppable pint-sized Boss - and excellent choreography, featuring a variety of street dance styles, by Suzette Brissett. A fun-ride from Start to Game Over.  

From the director


"I wanted to create something fun and exciting that really engages you with the energy of the track but takes you on a little journey.

"Loosely inspired by a couple of video games we all used to play when we were young - our lead male dancer Zacc – who absolutely smashed his audition – is summoned by a mysterious flute guy into a random dance battle through his brutalist neighbourhood.

"We didn't have that much to work with but everyone banded together to make it happen. The dancers were absolutely amazing and its such an infectious song that no one ever really got tired of."


Meji Alabi
Tony Longe
Production Company
Luti MediaLuti Media website
Executive Producer
Nadya Persaud
Production Manager
Tamari Johnson
1st AD
Afzal Robbani
Director of Photography
Paul Mackay
Director of Photography
Will Humphries
Focus Puller
Lali Coombes
William Pope
Art Director
Molly Blunt
Sereeta Venkanah
Sammy Morris
Reem Sadiq
Sam Hardy
Asad Naveed
Suzette Brissett
Director's Representation
Nadya Persaud
David Knight
Island Records
Zacc Milne, Theo Oloyade, Nqobile Danseur, Kaner Flex, Tino, Alex Paszkowski, Tony Ralph, Daniel, Terry Jay, Mike Coleman, Princess K

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