Young Fathers 'Toy' by Salomon Ligthelm

Young Fathers 'Toy' by Salomon Ligthelm
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For the second collaboration between Salomon Ligthelm and Young Fathers (following Mr Martyr) the director was inspired by the track to create a world where dictators behave like spoilt little children, throwing tantrums because things aren’t going their way.

Sorry, that is the real world. In this case, Ligthelm actually turns our terrifying leaders into children - a great device at the heart of a stirringly satirical and highly entertaining interpretation of the track Toy.

“The tone of the track is so visceral and abrasive, which I think marries the political subject matter perfectly,” says Ligthelm. “Looking at the political climate of our time, I’d say truth is certainly stranger than fiction.”

With a wonderful cast of youngsters playing the nasty rulers, great locations, lovely photography (DoP Steve Annis give it a classic look) and a fine edit by Dan Sherwen, this is a very strong addition to the excellent campaign of videos accompanying the new Young Fathers' album, Cocoa Sugar



Salomon Ligthelm
Sorcha Bacon
Production Company
StinkStink website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Production Manager
Alex Jefferson
1st AD
Bryony James
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
Focus Puller
Eira Wyn Jones
2nd AC
Josephine Theime
Alex Gibbon
Art Director
Lucie Red
Emma Lipop
Dorita Nissen
Dan Sherwen
Editing company
Final Cut
Daniel DeVue
Grading company
Post production company
Post Producer
Victoria Waterhouse Taylor
Mark Harris / Sacha Danjou/ Zach Zombek
Director's Representation
Sarah Boardman @ Hands
Theresa Adebiyi
Ninja Tune
Post production company
Glassworks / Convoly
Josh Brooks
Casting director
Sasha Robertson
Costume Assistants
Sophia Harrington, Gabbi Edmunds
Make Up Assistants
Topaz Knight, Sarah Scott
Art Department Assistants
Georgia Fairman, Alicia Howitt, Raquel Cruickshank, Isabel Forbes
Matt Hague, John Clarke, Lee Johnson
Choreography Assistants
Waddah Sinada,
Ella Kirby, Nicole Bailey, Aram Atkinson, Andi Thompson, Caspar Lumley, Michael Omelczuk, Xavier Damase
Sammy Miller, Russ Holloway, Mike Kenny, Jack Forino, Richard Cook, Justin Kyriakides, Samson Wakayu, Mark Edwards, Abe Charlery, Temba Mliswa, Norma Charlery, Nadine Hanwell, Adam Chu, Christian Apaig, Jin Kul, Tao Guo, David Matless, Jolyon Young

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