JGrrey 'Growing' by Anna Radchenko

JGrrey 'Growing' by Anna Radchenko
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JGrrey sways between a carefree, childlike mindset and the realisation that adulthood is growing upon her in Anna Radchenko charming video for Growing. 

Imagery reminiscent of youth and symbolisms of growth are depicted throughout the video, beautifully transitioning between both as the JGrrey sings nostalgic lyrics of a coming-of-age tale.

From the director


“When I first heard the song, I became really emotional. As a person who moved to a new country after growing up in a different place, I feel very related to the theme of leaving home and those nostalgic feelings associated with GROWING.

"There are a few different themes in the video: 1) growing OUT of something. Of the house that becomes too small (physically or psychologically); of the sofa, that is associated with something warm and cozy, but it's not enough anymore; of the fish tank (how many of us are surrounding ourselves with transparent walls of our own comfort zones?);
2) There is a theme of moving away - packing in your childhood bedroom, driving and being on the road; 3) There is a theme of transformation - small fish becomes bigger, a girl becomes a woman, even plants symbolise GROWING. 4) And of course nostalgia plays a big part in the concept - all those scenes with kids playing and being so wonderfully open to the world.

"Wonderful cinematographer Edgar Dubrovskiy helped us bring this vision to life. Changing camera technique for the scenes with kids playing, so that those look alive and give a sense of real memories and presence in the moment.
"I hope that after watching the video everyone can take a moment to reflect on their own childhood and what those experiences brought to their today’s reality."


Anna Radchenko
James Cross
Production Company
Kode MediaKode Media website
Executive Producer
Nathan Killham
Production Manager
Sasha Moon
1st AD
Afzal Robbani
Director of Photography
Edgar Dubrovskiy
Focus Puller
Lloyd Cook, Gary Long
2nd AC
Milo Brown
Dom Palgan
Art Director
Jess Morgan
Elizabeth Jane Bishop
Maya Man
Mata Labs
James Stubbs
Editing company
Final Cut
Jon Dobson
Grading company
WashWash website
Ikki Dhesi
Director's Representation
Carrie Sutton
Stripes Records

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