Confidence Man 'Don't You Know I'm In A Band' by Schall & Schnabel and Julian Lucas

Confidence Man 'Don't You Know I'm In A Band' by Schall & Schnabel and Julian Lucas
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Following the visual wit of their videos for Boyfriend and Better Sit Down Boy, Brisbane indie-dance crew Confidence Man have released their debut album Confident Music For Confident People, and that coincides with the release of their third video by directors and creatives Schall & Schnabel, with additional direction by Julian Lucas - and it's their most confident collaboration to date.

The video for Don't You Know I'm In A Band is a moving pop 'n gossip magazine, featuring Confidence Man's Sugar Bones and Janet Planet, and two 'Veilboys' (who could be bandmembers Clarence McCuffe and Reggie Goodchild, but they are hidden by veiled throughout).

Schall, Schnabel and Lucas make their magazine DENCE supercool, and the celeb tales within about Sugar and Janet's romance and breakup, and brush with the law, is made more repeat-worthy by the hint of a narrative in the characters who are reading about their adventures. 


Schall & Schnabel
Julian Lucas
Schall & Schnabel
1st AD
Jessica Galea
Director of Photography
Samuel Broeran
Focus Puller
Shawkat Husseni
Andrew Lock
Art Director
Caitlin Shannon
Melinda Cluer
Hair & Make-up
Amanda Lissant-Clayton
Post production company
Schall & Schnabel
Director's Rep (UK)
OB ManagementOB Management website
Director's Representation
Wildebeest (Australia)
Craig Penney
Stu Mccullough
Graphic Design
Schall & Schnabel
Copy Editor
Norman Fleischer
Best Boy
Fraser Lever
Production Assistant
Jordy Pert
Art Assistant
Pia Harrington
Promo Stills
Keith D’Cunha

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