Kamasi Washington 'Fists Of Fury' and 'Space Travelers Lullaby' by Jenn Nkiru

Kamasi Washington 'Fists Of Fury' and 'Space Travelers Lullaby' by Jenn Nkiru
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Instead of a video for one track from American jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington's new album Heaven And Earth, director Jenn Nkiru and creative director Bradford Young are behind an innovative campaign of one minute 'teaser' videos for four different songs.

The first two in the series are Fists Of Fury and Space Travelers Lullaby, featuring enigmatic scenarios that draw you into Washington's glorious music.

In Fists Of Fury, a trio of dancers in 1930s Ethiopian miliary garb execute a jaunty running dance around a red star; in Space Travelers Lullaby, a mysterious ceremony takes place in a forest, where a red-garbed priest bestows a blessing upon a young woman. And both certainly makes you want to see and hear more.


Jenn Nkiru
Lana Salfiti
Production Company
IconoclastIconoclast website
Executive Producer
Emily Rudge
Director of Photography
Benoit Soler
Production designer
Nathan Parker
Kit Wells
Editing company
Final Cut
Sarah Crux
VFX Company
Electric Theatre Collective
Tim Smith
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
Young Turks
XL Recordings
Creative Director
Bradford Young
Ivan Blackstock

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