Beck 'Colors' by Edgar Wright

Beck 'Colors' by Edgar Wright
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After his biggest movie hit yet with Baby Driver - the film that was inspired by his late 90s video for Mint Royale - Edgar Wright makes a surprise return to music videos for Beck. And it also could be about to be part of something big.

The video for Colors (the title track from Beck's latest album) is a suitably dazzling display of colour and choreography, with Beck and co-star Alison Brie as the monochrome core within an army of 'aliens' performing a Busby Berkeley-like dance routine - choreographed by Ryan Heffington, who also created the brilliant choreography at the start of Baby. This is all presented in alternate keys of blue and yellow - the primary hues on the wonderful Colors album cover, by British designers Jimmy Turrell and Steve Stacey.

It's also exclusive to Apple Music. Not the first of its kind, for sure, but this new Beck video is an important flagbearer in the new drive by Apple to increase the take-up on its music service, via exclusive music videos and a generally much improved music video service. Two others, for A Tribe Called Quest and Kylie Minogue, are part of this initial rollout of exclusives for this service touted as having recently added 'thousands of videos'. It's what Apple is describing as "the best music video-watching experience available anywhere" and "ad-free".

Not, of course, free-to-view. And if you're not signed up to watch videos on Apple Music, and are still not tempted to do so, you can still watch the trailer here.


Edgar Wright
Bridgitte Pugh
Production Company
Anonymous Content
Executive Producer
Nina Soriano
Director of Photography
Bill Pope
Anastasia Magoutas
David Webb
Editing company
Final Cut
Gregory Reese
Grading company
The Mill
Post production company
The Mill
The Mill
Beck, Alison Brie
Ryan Heffington
Production designer
Ethan Tobman
The Mill
Executive Producer
Anastasia Von Rahl
Daniel Midgley
Production Coordinator
James Morse
Shoot Supervisor
Daniel Thuresson
Creative Director
Lisha Tan
2D Lead Artist
Daniel Thuresson
2D Artists
Daniel Lang, Lisa Ryan, Julia Jordanova, Sven Dreesbach, Kai Chun Tsai, Brett Lopinsky
3D Artists
Michael Lori, Danny Garcia, Alice Panek
Gap Yossanun, Patrick Kipper, Greg Rubner
Executive Producer, Color
Thatcher Peterson
Color Producer
Liza Kerlin

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