Mont Jake ft. Leland Whitty & Gene Fisher 'Come Closer' by Billy Boyd Cape

Mont Jake ft. Leland Whitty & Gene Fisher 'Come Closer' by Billy Boyd Cape
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Mont Jake has a very cool place. His cube-like apartment-cum-studio is where he relaxes, and also creates his own brand of funky jazz. And the lighting is fab too. It just happens to be outside, under a bridge.

Billy Boyd Cape's video for Come Closer has a very nice vibe and great charm - and also comes with a super-chilled, very bucolic epilogue.

From the director


"The idea for this was developed late last year during a number of coffees with the artist in East London. The song has huge energy and an epic quality, but what I found when I met Jakob was that he’s more of an introvert with a perfectionist attitude: He writes, sings, produces and plays most instruments on his tracks. My dilemma was how do I put all of these elements into one video.

"Academy really pulled out all the stops on this one - a huge collaborative effort. A night shoot, with an outdoor set and full DMX lighting… And we literally couldn’t have done it without this wild and wonderful 48-550mm anamorphic lens from the great guys at Panavision."


Billy Boyd Cape
Gemma Priggen
Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Production Manager
Antonia Vickers
1st AD
Jack Meredith
Director of Photography
Molly Manning Walker
Jim Agnew
Art Director
Katie Clarke
Holly Miller
Billy Boyd Cape
Vlad Barin
Grading company
Ciara Hanley
Island Records

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