Clément Froissard 'Peupleraie' by Thibault Dumoulin

Clément Froissard 'Peupleraie' by Thibault Dumoulin
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Thibault Dumoulin's intensely dramatic work for French singer-songwriter Clément Froissard offers a sometimes harrowing portrait of the loss of childhood innocence.

Froissard's daughter Jeanne plays the girl who has to deal with an unpredictable, criminally-inclined, and often aggressive father, played with utter conviction by Julien Sarazin. Ultimately, the worst abuse is directed at himself, and it's left to the daughter to pick up the pieces.

But at this point, in this desperate situation Dumoulin then fashions a slither of hope, salvation, redemption. A hard-hitting, ultimately uplifting work.


Thibault Dumoulin
Julie Mathieu
Production Company
Executive Producer
Julie Mathieu
Production Manager
Evan Djenki
Director of Photography
Sylvestre Dedise
Focus Puller
Vincent Flornoy
2nd AC
Fabien Domingues
Julien Cambriel
Grading company
Post production company
Firm / Poster
Sister Records

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