PBR Streetgang ft Mattie Safer 'Everything Changes' by Bob Gallagher

PBR Streetgang ft Mattie Safer 'Everything Changes' by Bob Gallagher
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PBR Streetgang's witty demolition of the inanity of pretty much everything, delivered by R&B singer Mattie Safer, becomes a vehicle of baby-boomer scorn in Bob Gallagher's video for Everything Changes.

Safer's voice is taken by a rascally old gent with a punk attitude (Michael O'Sullivan, excellent), mocking the trivial preoccupations of the Instagram/selfie generation.

It's a low-budget social comedy with lots of bite, another thoroughly entertaining video from Dublin's finest, Bob Gallagher.


Bob Gallagher
Zlata Filipovic
Jeff Doyle
John Hassay
Production Company
Invisible Thread Films
Director of Photography
Evan Barry
Focus Puller
Rodrigo Bruzoni
Sarah Dunphy
Production designer
Alisa Kuzmina
Alisa Kuzmina
Madonna Mcnamee
Shaun Ryan
Eoghan Mckenna
Michael O'Sullivan, Alisa Kuzmina, Mike Timms, Victor Feldman, Rose Anne Malagotnot, Ged Murray, Amanda Stuart Heaney, George Bracebridge, Jeff Doyle, Ronan Carey, Jay Asolo
Vibeke Delahunt, Wicklow Film Commission, Wendy Crawford, Zara Hedderman, The Czech Inn, The West End Cafe, All Out Design, The Prelinger Archive, Promenade Post Production, Teach Solais, Jason Foran, Celtic Grips, Michael Flemming, Marie Denham

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