Conducta 'Only U' by Lewis Rose

Conducta 'Only U' by Lewis Rose
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Conducta goes from London to Paris to meet a girl, and ends up meeting another one, in Lewis Rose's breezily entertaining video for Only U.

It's a wonderful ad for Anglo-French relations, with a bittersweet ending that could be seen as a symbol of our ending partnership with one of our main partners in the EU, like a metro ticket disappearing into a machine...

From the director


"Conducta was keen to shoot in Paris from the off. We thought this would be fun, but were all conscious that the video didn't become a typical cheesy Paris love story. So we set out to find unusual locations that showed a non-tourtisy side of Paris. Our brilliant French location manager Jean Paul delivered in a big way and we got some great spots.

"Emma Dalesman (DOP) and I then looked at some film references, settling somewhere between La Haine and Before Sunrise. We wanted to capture a romantic vibe to some extent, given that it's a bubbly garage tune – we got lucky with a beautiful winter ​sunset on a car park rooftop for the final scene...

"But we made sure that we kept a bit of edge in the ​locations, the ​shooting style and the ​edit, as well as ​ending the video, with a bit of comedy to keep it entertaining... Hopefully it worked!" 


Lewis Rose
Ben Mealing
Production Company
Park Village
Executive Producer
Kirstin Cruickshank
Director of Photography
Emma Dalesman
Location Manager
Jean Paul Girbal
Chetan Jassar
Lewis Rose
Susumu Asano
Grading company
Final Frame
Elina Saleh
Director's Representation
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website
Nathan Tettey
Jake Parker, Kieron Musicka

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