Carnage & Steve Aoki 'Plur Genocide' by The Sacred Egg

Carnage & Steve Aoki 'Plur Genocide' by The Sacred Egg
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The Sacred Egg's video for this Carnage track – a collab with Steve Aoki featuring Lockdown – is an awesome clash of the classical and the modern. It's a Renaissance tableau of little cherubs, who happen to be tattooed like LA gangsters, and engaged in mortal combat with each other.

Most of the turbulent power of the piece emanates from the setting and the young characters' aggressive facial expressions (although there is one moment of stomach-churning violence). The action is slowed almost to a standstill, so this really is like a series of classical portraits, like you've never seen before.

From the director


"From a filmmaking perspective the track is a gift. It has a kind of gritty industrial feel about it, as well as a simplicity that we really like. We knew we wanted to create something beautiful, but also a little bit gritty and aggressive. We ended up landing on this idea of brawling cherubs.

"In our treatment, we referenced scenes from Renaissance paintings. However, we wanted to create something unique. We decided to evolve the visuals by modifying the cherubs giving them modern day touches such as tattoos, silver teeth and pool queues. The track has well-defined sections, so the key was to find a narrative arch that would give the video progression.

"We were lucky to find a cast of kids who were up for the task of playing these cherubs. We shot in the Ukraine where we cast kids from a martial arts school. It was a two day shoot but we factored in plenty of rehearsal time with the kids and a stunt team beforehand so that the shoot ran without flaw.

"We'd like to give a special thanks to the kids who were incredibly professional throughout."


The Sacred Egg
Natalie Arnett
Production Company
Riff Raff FilmsRiff Raff Films website
Line Producer
Jane Tredget
1st AD
Andrew Moroz
Director of Photography
Ben Todd
Art Director
David Kharaishvili
Sam Bould
Editing company
Cut+RunCut+Run website
Richard Fearon
Post production company
Post Producer
Ryan Hancocks
Caitlin Bosse
Service Company
Radioaktive Film
Service Producer
Ole Yakovleva
Post Supervisor
William McNamara
Dan Lorenzini

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