Kali Uchis ft Tyler, The Creator, Bootsy Collins 'After The Storm' by Nadia Lee Cohen

Kali Uchis ft Tyler, The Creator, Bootsy Collins 'After The Storm' by Nadia Lee Cohen
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Nadia Lee Cohen teams up with Kali Uchis for a fantastic live action cartoon of the American suburban dream.

It's a little gentler than her sensational video for DRAM's Gilligan that came out late last year. But the British photographer/director creates an hyperreal, super surreal scenario around the supercool Colombian pop princess for After The Storm in her signature style.

It also fits perfectly with the wacky aesthetic of guest performer Tyler, The Creator – who plays a plant who grows into a man in Kali's backyard – and Bootsy Collins, represented only in cartoon form.

Looks like both artist and director could be on their way to world domination...


Nadia Lee Cohen
Sylvia Zakhary
Production Company
Anonymous Content
Executive Producer
Nina Soriano
Director of Photography
Stefan Vleming
Production designer
Victoria Tam
Director's Rep (UK)
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website

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