Son Lux 'Slowly' by Alex Cook

Son Lux 'Slowly' by Alex Cook
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Son Lux have shared a second track from their forthcoming album Brighter Wounds (released in February 2018) with an absorbing and mysterious video directed by Alex Cook, which follows two women as they sacrificially tend to a small group of patients.
“The idea for the video was born from the track's unnerving beat and deceptive undertones,” Cook says of the video for Slowly, where one of the nurses imbibes a strange fluid extracted from a patient. “The story takes place in an alternate, dystopian time in which people transfer their negative memories to one another through a mysterious machine.”


Alex Cook
Director of Photography
Sam Davis
1st AC
Aaron Seller
2nd AC
RJ Ong
Alex van Putten
Chandler Desforges
Key Grip
Matt Burke
Production designer
Mollie Wartelle
Art Director
Devin Cheney
Veronica Werner
Costume designer
Maggie Clapis
Costume designer
Holly Holcomb
Nick Chamberlain
Mackenzie Firgens, Raluca Vlad, Saro, Merry Berchfield, Yadira Orozco, and Greena Park
Special Thanks
Michael Kaufmann, Hannah Houser, Deven Chierighino, Katy Spence, Lindsey Sheets, Nathan Pfaff, and Andrew Brueck

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