Owlle 'In The Dark' by Thibaut Grevet

Owlle 'In The Dark' by Thibaut Grevet
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Owlle gazes from her swish apartment onto a nighttime cityscape with flames in the distance - flames that swiftly encroach into her home.

Thibaut Grevet's video for the French singer has the aura of a bad dream, where fear is suspended, but just around the corner. And it's always an achingly gorgeous-looking bad dream.

From the director


"It’s been a long time since I wanted to create a music video with a simple idea. I really liked this one, kind of a bad dream, this nightmare of being trapped in fire because it could be seen in many different ways. One of them could mean lots of anxiety, when, desperately seeking for light, you’re having a bad time in your life - much more than just the literal interpretation of a fire in an apartment. This track actually pictures the will to get out of hell, the quest for escaping the darkness of a mental place and finally reaching light, breathing again. Deep, right?

"Beyond the film itself, creating it was amazing. We properly did that as a team with my producer Cédric Barus and artist Owlle. I loved working this way. As a DP, Kate Arizmendi brought a lot with her vision and I can’t thank her enough for her support on this project. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did doing it."


Thibaut Grevet
Production Company
Frenzy Paris
Cédric Barus
Elsa Rakotoson
Julien Berlan
Director of Photography
Kate Arizmendi
Art Director
Renaud Deschamps
Service Company
Family Productions
Line Producer
Nikita Bukowsky
Maxime Pozzi-Garcia
Mathieu Caplanne
Post production company
Post Producer
Manu Béard
Post Producer
Bianca Benloukil
Flame Artists
Jonathan Lagache & Olivier Zibret
Nuke & AE artist
Philippe Nalet & Fabrice Sese

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